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Brand NameIlwol Foods Logo

Ilwol Foods Logo

Brand NameUngbu

'Ungbu’ Calligraphy

Ungbu means a grand village, the old name of An-dong, where our plant is located. Even now, Ungbu Park and historic houses are located at the heart of An-dong city. ‘Ungbu' of Ilwol Foodsis the brand name of (jellies foods) muk, from domestic ingredients.


Ungbu Park with tradition and craftsmanship

 [Ungbu Park with tradition and craftsmanship]

브랜드네임 소개Ilwol

Ilwol Food was launched by making muk a tiny pot at the foot of Ilwol Mt. The word ‘Ilwol‘ represents the mountain and ‘Food’represents the common brand name of these imported products.

‘Ilwol’ Calligraphy


Ilwol Mt. in Youngyang County, preserving green nature

 [Ilwol Mt. in Youngyang County, preserving green nature]