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South Korean acorns

브랜드네임 소개South Korean acorns

We purchase Korean acorns once a year, in the fall, fromthe north area of Kyongbook, and afterwards we keep the purchased Korean acorns,after quick freezing, below -18°°c in their raw state. Whenever we need acorns, we take some frozen ones out, and afterward make muk or jelly. Ungbu acorn jelly made of acorn starch keeps its ‘natural’taste and fragrance.

브랜드네임 소개North Korean acorns & Chinese acorns

Acorn materials from China and North Korea are imported in many forms such as whole beans, powders, and mixed powders for reducing customs or for profitability. Ilwolfoods imports whole beans, not powders, grinds its own powders and then makes jellywith the powder mixed in proper proportions. You can eat these jellies safely without concern for additives, because of importing whole bean.
Fruits have a difference in taste, fragrance, and sugar content according to the region where they are grown, as do acorns. Then Ilwolfoods, as you see in the picture, makes jelly by mixing in the proper proportion of SsalJaerongi, Dduckjaerongi, Chaina acorns, and Mulam for the best taste.

            <SsalJaerongi>                     <Dduckjaerongi>                      <Chaina acorns>                            <Mulam>

브랜드네임 소개South Korean buckwheat & pesticide-free buckwheat

South Korean buckwheat is produced according to
the cultivation contract for the crops and is planted
at Seohu-myeon, Andong-si. Pesticide-free buckwheat
is produced according to the cultivation
contractbetween the planting group Banditbul, of
Yeongyang-gun. Because buckwheat originally is
cultivated without pesticides, pesticides are usually
not detected in the pesticides test. Since
pesticide-free buckwheat is cultivated in a clean area
with fireflies and is produced in an eco-friendly area,
you can enjoy yourself to the full, safely. Ungbu
buckwheat jelly and pesticide-free buckwheat jelly are
made by directly grinding whole buckwheat with a
grinding method that helps it retain itspleasant
fragrance and deep taste.


South Korean buckwheat &
pesticide-free buckwheat

브랜드네임 소개Korean Ceylon moss

The Ceylon moss is grown in a clean seaside area in Kyungnam province. The vegetable jelly, made of 100% ceylon moss, has the mild flavor of the sea and a fine texture.

korean Ceylon moss

브랜드네임 소개Cowpeas from Myanmar

We import clean and high quality cowpeas to Korea and extract the starch which preserves its taste and
gives it a milky color.

Cowpeas from Myanmar

브랜드네임 소개Olbanggae from China

Olbanggae is called Olmior water chestnut. It is rich in starch like the black bean grown in the field in the past. Water chestnuts in China grow to the size of a regular chestnut and the jelly comes from the water chestnut starch. Its springiness is outstanding and hasgreat flavor.

Olbanggae from China

브랜드네임 소개Korean Chestnuts

The chestnuts picked from Kongjoo in South Chungchungnam-do, the area that produces the most chestnuts in Korea, are rapidly frozen below 18℃. They are preserved raw and made into jelly by extracting the raw starch. Jelly made out of moist but raw chestnuts has a mild chestnut inner shell flavor with great sticky texture. Everyone enjoys these jellies.

Korean Chestnuts